Welcome to my website
of mediumship through soul communication.
(Due to Coronavirus crisis and the latest information from the Government)

May the light at the end of the tunnel came sooner rather than later for us all, please take care of yourself and those you love, be kind but safe  ❤
As an evidential medium and psychic I believe that every time you receive an evidential reading from your loved one's in the world of spirit, it enhances and lifts your soul relieving some of the heaviness that lied within,
a healing that takes place creating a light of hope that enhances you in different ways, helping you to gradually move forward with life whilst grieving,
in the knowledge that life is eternal, and you souls will meet and blend together again. 
I was born with my mediumistic ability, coming from several generation of mediums (soul movers) on my mother's side of the family.
Many generations of mediums have helped those that are left behind dealing with their grief, by passing on heartfelt messages of love,
upliftment, and guidance too, from loved ones that are no longer here on Earth physically, but the evidence provided by mediums,
will confirm that life is eternal.